Hi! My name is Lindsay Kinloch and I attended the Creative Writing Workshop run by Lip Sync Scotland at the VIAS Conference in March 2009. This is where I wrote this story of my success so far in my career. I would like to share it with other people who may be in a similar situation to my own, and who may be feeling there are not great jobs out there for people with learning difficulties. I really want people to know that there is hope of finding a good job with decent pay where our talents and abilities are appreciated and respected. So please read on...

I work for The Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability. My job role is a co-trainer and I work in their office in the Gorbals in Glasgow. My employer is an organisation which raises awareness of what people with learning disabilities want through training, consultancy, research and providing information.

I have a job coach whose job it is to support me with the tasks I need help with. I also have 1 named person in my team at work who I know I can go to for help and it is part of her job to help me if I need it. The other members of the team also lend a hand if this person is not around. It is very important for me to know that while I do a good job and manage many tasks independently, that if I ever do need help, then people are very approachable and willing to support me. This has helped me make good friends at work and helped me to feel part of the team. I particularly enjoy tea-breaks, lunch times and nights out because of this!

If I had to list the things I did not like about my job, then I would say I do not like having work to do without the opportunity to discuss it.  I did not like sticking labels and bar codes onto our library books because it got boring. I don’t like typing up lots of flipcharts because they’re too big to fit onto my desk.

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