What a great time Marie has had following the launch of her book “Marie – A Life Moving Forward”
Marie has wanted to tell her story for a long time and some time ago she got together with Julie Muir (a Trustee) of Inclusion Glasgow who helped Marie record her thoughts.
Then will the help of Charlie Barker at GSCPF and her colleague Elizabeth, Marie was introduced to Graham at PR Print.

They helped Marie put her book into print and invited her to see the first copy come off the presses.
Marie had taken part in a photo shoot with her son Joseph, this was to make the front cover.
Next thing Marie knew Charlie had included the book in the GSCPF “Festival of Ideas” and there we all were in the Corinthian with a Jazz duo playing supping pink fizz, while Frances told everyone about Marie’s book along with Marie and introduced everyone to Joseph and the other important men in Marie’s life William her brother and Gordon her team leader. What a great day

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