Scotland Agaist the Care Tax (SACT)


VIAS is a proud member of Scotland Agaist the Care Tax (SACT), we were part of the petition asking for the abolition of social care charges for older and disabled people, along with Amanda Kopel’s petition, asking for free personal care for people under 65.

Every year in local authorities are asking disabled people to pay more for their support needs now we have HMRC asking for their bit. This could be the last straw for many disabled people who have to choose between eating, heating or getting the support they need to live a normal life.

VIAS is happy to be part of the upcoming SACT video created by Media Co-op See film launch event here

Please see if you can help or read more about SACT here #fightcaretax




Check out some behind the scene of the upcoming SACT Film:

Key Points

  • SACT Film
  • SACT Pettition

Further Details

Please watch this space for updates on the SACT film.

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