These are the policies which Values Into Action Scotland use in the running of our organisation.  Employers are welcome to use these examples, modifying to suit their own business needs.

Absence Policy

This policy aims to make sure that absence is managed in a consistent, supportive and effective way. 

Accessible Information Policy

This policy explains how you can help individuals with learning diffculties understand information easily e.g. using easy read, symbols or browsealoud.

Appraisal Policy

This policy explains the importance of staff appraisal, which helps to measure staff progress and to also create a structure to both support and develop staff. 

Bereavement Policy

This policy explains the rights of staff members in times of personal difficulty.  Bereavement, Compassionate and Emergency Leave is time away from the office to deal with  arrangements regarding the illness, accident or death of a close relative, or an urgent domestic matter.

Complaints Policy and Procedure

This policy explains the rights of staff members to raise a complaint about anything that causes grief, hurt or annoyance. 

Confidentiality Policy

This policy explains if you are communicating to a professional person about your private and personal life that they won't share it to anyone.

Data Protection Policy

This policy explains the ways that information about living people may be legally used and handled.

Developing Person Centred Policy

This policy explains how Values Into Action Scotland are committed to leading the voluntary sector in developing person centred policy and practice. 

Disciplinary Policy

This policy aims to encourage improvement in individual behaviour or performance, and explains the disciplinary steps that can be taken if there is no improvement.

Disclaimer Policy

This policy explains what VIAS can and cannot be responsible for in relation to the information and website content it shares.

Employee and Volunteering Policy

This policy follows the rules in the Scottish Government Code of Practice and describes how to treat all job and volunteering applicants fairly. 

Environmental Impact Policy

This policy explains that VIAS are committed in leading the voluntary sector in minimising the impact of its activities on the enviornment. 

Equal Opportunities Policy

This policy is commtted to valuing that we are all different by promoting and puttng equal opportunites into practice in all it's activities. 

Expenses Policy

This policy explains how VIAS believes that nobody should be out of pocket so to help we pay expenses to committee members, staff and volunteers. 

Full-Time Work Policy

This policy explains how individuals with learning difficulties have the right to paid jobs, with support, in real settings with hours and conditions similar to everyone else in the workplace

Grievance Policy and Procedure

Values Into Action Scotland believes that anyone involved in our work has the right to raise a complaint about anything that causes you grief; hurt or annoyance.

Health and Safety Policy

This policy ensures that our employees, volunteers, customers and anyone else affected by our activtes are kept healthy and safe in compliance to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. 

Internet Privacy Policy

This policy explains how VIAS wants to protect your personal privacy on the web. 

Lone Working Policy

This policy explains that it is important to keep employees and volunteers safe at all times and especially when working alone.

Protecting Vulnerable Groups Policy

This policy explains that members of staff have an important role to play in creating a positive and safe environment and recognising the possible signs of abuse or neglect which also applies to volunteers. 

Sick Pay Policy

This policy explains that if Values Into Action Scotland has an employee who is absent because of sickness they might be entitled to recieve Statuary Sick Pay (SSI)

Social Media Policy

This policy ensures that VIAS is committed to talking and listening to people in lots of different ways such as by using social media. 

Support and Supervision Policy

This policy explains that it is important to support and supervise employees and volunteers. At support and supervison sessions we will set and review goals. 

Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) Policy

This policy explains staff, on occasion, need to work outside which are called 'core' hours of work or beyond their contracted hours in order to meet the needs of the service.

Volunteering Policy

This policy explains that volunteers are a major resource and make a vital contribution to our aims as they are already important stakeholders.

Website User Policy

This policy explains the forum and stories sections of our website they are areas where you can read good stories or comments and take part in a good debate.

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