S#!T Ignorant People Say to People on the Autistic Spectrum

Every statement written in the script for this video has actually been said to an Autistic person's face. None of these are made up. They are all real. Watch the video, share the link, and please don't be this person.

Britain's Got Talent - James Hobley

Britain's Got Talent: 11-year-old James' incredible talent was discovered by his mum taking him to a dancing event when he was younger. As well as loving his amazing and natural skills - it's even helped him overcome a problem with his legs and his struggle with autism. With his teacher and biggest fan, Mum, watching from the wings - James comes alive to the music on the Britain's Got Talent stage, wows the audience and renders the judges speechless!

An Employer's Guide to Autism

Individuals on the autistic spectrum can be a fantastic asset to any workplace but many employers are unsure of what/ what not to do. This short video, funded by The Scottish Government, offers practical advice on getting the interview and induction right.

VIAS Quality Checkers

We provide quality checking services for people with learning difficulties & individuals on the autistic spectrum. We want to make sure that people have good support to live the best lives possible.

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