What We Offer


Here's a few things we do. We...


Deliver training

deliver training.You can either book onto our rolling programme of training or contact us and we can design a course that meets your needs.



Offer advice offer advice and consultancy to individuals and services.We can advise on everything from  education and employment through to self-directed support and personalisation.



Conduct research conduct research into what does and doesn’t work in the lives of people with learning difficulties.This can be anything from a service evaluation to a national study of practice.



Campaigncampaign on important topics that affect the quality of   lives of people with learning difficulties. This may be on issues highlighted by our members at a local level or on national policy decisions.



Person centred policies develop inclusive person centred policies.Our policies are then posted onto our website so that everyone can benefit from viewing them.



Produce publications produce publications.These are practical tools that promote best practice in empowering people and improving the quality of support that people receive.



 Gather and share storiesgather and share people’s stories. We do this in our bi-monthly newsletter and on our website, see Our Stories.



Organise enentsorganise events to share best practice. Events range from national conferences through to supporting small organisations to organise local events.




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