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Values Into Action Scotland: Services

What is VIA Scotland for?

  • EQUALITY in society for people with learning difficulties.
  • LONG TERM CHANGE so that people with learning difficulties have access to the rights and choices that everyone else takes for granted.
  • CONTINUING IMPROVEMENT to the ways in which people with learning difficulties get support to have the ordinary lives and opportunities open to other people. To really be ‘the same as you’.

What does VIA Scotland offer?

  • Training, research & consultancy on many areas of relevance to people with learning difficulties, including:
    • Participation and involvement
    • Direct payments
    • Quality Assurance
    • Crime and community safety

    We can also design and deliver bespoke training and meet your consultancy needs.

  • Publications on all of the above areas and more
  • A conference and seminar programme covering policy and practical topics
  • Information and advice on good practice