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SUSE is the lead partner in the Disability Employment Gap Public Social Partnership (PSP) which has been commissioned by the Scottish Government. A PSP is a strategic partnering arrangement which gives the third sector the opportunity to design future public services by trying and piloting new ideas and approaches.

The Disability Employment Gap PSP is a unique and forward-thinking initiative in the Scottish employability landscape. We aim to contribute to the ambition set by the Scottish Government in The Fairer Scotland for Disabled People – Employment Action Plan, to half the Disability Employment Gap by 2038.

VIAS are delighted to chair a workstream dedicated to under-represented groups of disabled people and to work in partnerships with others to deliver a capacity building programme to enable businesses to recruit and retain a diverse and dynamic workforce.


The Business Case

Organisations with a diverse workforce have a competitive advantage and tend to perform better. This approach can enhance creativity, drive innovation, and help companies expand their reach. … Employees from diverse backgrounds can bring fresh perspectives to the table, leading to enhanced creativity and innovation.


Did you know that?:-

74% of the general working age population have paid jobs

53% of the general disability population have paid jobs

33% of people registered blind have paid jobs

32% pf people on the autistic spectrum have paid jobs

42% of people with hearing loss have paid jobs

7% of people with learning disabilities have paid jobs



Those particularly under-represented in the workforce are people with learning disabilities, significant hearing loss, significant sight loss and people with autism. We believe that there are wide ranging reasons for this, but the primary ones are the need for increased: –

· employer knowledge about supports and services available to help them recruit and retain people from under-represented groups

· employer understanding about how to accommodate people from under-represented groups within their workplaces

· employment and employability providers understanding about how to support people from under-represented groups to achieve job outcome


How We Are Addressing This

In partnership with CH Consultancy; RNID; SCLD; Sight Loss Scotland; Square and Peg HR we are:-

· developing and delivering a programme of 360-degree capacity building for employers including evaluation/ mystery shopping, consultancy, and training

· developing and delivering a programme of 360-degree capacity building for employment/ employability providers including evaluation/ mystery shopping, consultancy, and training

· researching information that should be held in a national employer information hub


Gail McKee is a Locality Manager for North Lanarkshire Supported Enterprise. She has attended many of the courses currently on offer. She said

“I have attended several training courses and although I love all opportunities for personal development, the training from the team are the training days I most look forward to. I know I will leave the training feeling motivated,

inspired and full of positive energy. The training sessions are exceptional which is not only due to the welcoming atmosphere and the knowledge of the trainers but the one thing I love more than anything else is the input for the co-trainers who have lived experience of having a disabilities and knocking down the barriers. Their input is an incredibly important part of the training for me and inspires me to be a better person and worker. I always share my training, and knowledge I have gained, with my team who also have grown to love this training.


The team is amazing and I have got to know them pretty well since my first training session with them. I would highly recommend any training they have on offer.”

Anthony Burns, COO of ACS Clothing Ltd added

“Undertaking this disability awareness training is helping develop my company’s understanding and capacity of inclusion in our workplace. We fully support the Disability Employment Gap PSP and this training is a significant first step for my organisation, in realising all the social and economic benefits that being an inclusive organisation delivers.”


I Am In, What Do I Do Now?

It isn’t too late to get involved!

· If you are a business that is passionate about recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce then please call us on 0141 212 3395 or email info@viascotland.org.uk.

· If you are an employability provider who wants to offer your services to a diverse group of people then please call us on 0141 212 3395 or email info@viascotland.org.uk.