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S.H.E stands for Sexual Health and Empowerment. This project aims to teach women who have a learning disability or autism about what it means to be a woman, having good, healthy relationships and how to keep themselves from harm. The project covers topics such as positive relationships, body image, sexual health, personal safety, spotting abusive behaviours and confidence and self esteem.

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is a partnership between the University of Aberdeen, VIAS, North East Scotland College, SDS and both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils.

It is an employment focused education programme based at the University of Aberdeen, designed to be the transition from education to employment. It runs Monday – Friday over the course of one academic year for up to 12 people or ‘interns.’

It is designed to give young people with learning disabilities and/or autism the opportunity to develop employability skills and gain hands-on, workplace experience in a supportive environment.

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Triple E

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Triple E is a service designed to identify what supports a workplace environment may need. It also provides backup to the employee and employer, developing independence in the workplace and addressing career progression in due course. One way in which we do this is through job coaching.

The Assembly

The Assembly is made up of a growing number of individuals who support and facilitate accessible politics and active political engagement for Scotland’s community of people with learning disabilities and/ or autism. People with learning disabilities and/ or autism can often be disengaged from decisions being made about their lives and some of our research shows that their social participation can be limited to carers and support staff. Through The Assembly, Scotland is taking the lead in supporting political engagement in its communities of people with learning disabilities and/ or autism.

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The Life I Want

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The Life I Want is the first person led public social partnership in Scotland. Covering Greater Glasgow, it creates opportunities for people with learning disabilities to make practical differences to their own lives. It consists of five themed workstreams (health, housing, relationships, employment and transitions) where people work alongside our 15 partner organisations to achieve the outcomes they think are most important. The workstreams develop and deliver different projects and activities, aimed at improving the lives of people with learning disabilities either directly or through support agencies. Participation makes a huge difference: improving confidence, developing skills, and creating opportunities to gain work experience and employment. It also improves benefit to the wider community of people with learning disabilities, through raising awareness and understanding, contributing to service improvement, and advocating for change.


Scottish Union of Supported Employment (SUSE) is the lead partner in the Disability Employment Gap Public Social Partnership (PSP) which has been commissioned by the Scottish Government. A PSP is a strategic partnering arrangement which gives the third sector the opportunity to design future public services by trying and piloting new ideas and approaches.

VIAS are delighted to chair a workstream dedicated to under-represented groups of disabled people and to work in partnerships with others to deliver a capacity building programme to enable businesses to recruit and retain a diverse and dynamic workforce.

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